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 For some, additional nutritional therapy may be recommended. This is approached with two tools: Nutrition Response Technique assessments and Heart Sound Recording evaluations. Each of these approaches provides important information regarding your body's responses to your diet, environment, and stressors, allowing Dr. Chwojdak to most accurately pinpoint the highest-priority nutritional needs in your body. In fact, Nutrition Response Testing is able to enhance the results of your Heart Sound Recording, allowing the doctor to make the most specialized recommendations possible.
How? Nutrition Response Technique assesses the body's reflex points - if weaknesses occur, the body needs to be strengthened with nutrition that, when tested, your body responds positively to. The Heart Sound Recorder evaluates the rate, rhythm, and tone via heart sounds to provide additional information on other nutritional deficiencies related to overall cardiovascular health and wellness. The combination of these two tools offers a comprehensive assessment of total body wellness.

At Safe Harbor Chiropractic, PC, we take a holistic approach for natural weight loss. 

Nutritional Evaluation: Our Services
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